r/dataisbeautiful October Data Battle

25 Oct 2018

I recently decided to try my hand at data viz competitions. I realized that one of my biggest challenges in managing my time is that I often fall victim to a common criticism of the academia mindset. That is, I often jump around in my work, thinking “oh, that’s an interesting problem!” without finishing the work I had already begun. While I put a lot of work into producing this walk-through tutorial-style Jupyter Notebook for visualizing data gathered in a survey posted for r/travel visitors, I think my lack of clear focus when approaching this challenge held me back. I tried to do too many things and eventually ran out of time to finish anything with the quality I normally expect of myself. That being said, I hope that anyone who is new to Seaborn or Matplotlib will find some useful, reusable code that will further their own data visualization projects. The amount of redundant code found across the plotting functions is what inspired my latest project, Seafarer.