Socioeconomic Impact of US Storm Events

26 Oct 2016

For this assignment from my Reproducible Research class at Coursera, I completed a brief analysis of the negative impacts storm events have historically had on US population, property, and crops.

We were given the following National Weather Service data.

The audience for this assignment was my fellow classmates. As we were expected to read the provided documentation, it was assumed that we knew the following.

  • EVTYPE: stands for the storm event type, i.e. hurricane/typhoon or tornado
  • FATALITIES: represents the number of people killed during a storm event
  • INJURIES: represents the number of people injured during a storm event
  • PROPDMG: represents the property damage in US dollars caused by a storm event
  • PROPDMGEXP: represents the exponent affiliated with the property damage. For example, if PROPDMG = 5 and PROPDMGEXP = K, then the total property damage is $5000
  • CROPDMG: represents the crop damage in US dollars caused by a storm event
  • CROPDMGEXP: same as PROPDMGEXP but for crops

Please view my RPubs document to view my submission for this assignment.